PDB 3HNG deposited: 2009-05-31 modified: 2011-07-13
Title Crystal structure of VEGFR1 in complex with N-(4-Chlorophenyl)-2-((pyridin-4-ylmethyl)amino)benzamide
Authors Arrowsmith, C.H., Berglund, H., Bountra, C., Collins, R., Edwards, A.M., Flodin, S., Flores, A., Graslund, S., Hammarstrom, M., Johansson, A., Johansson, I., Karlberg, T., Kotenyova, T., Kotzch, A., Kragh-Nielsen, T., Moche, M., Nordlund, P., Nyman, T., Persson, C., Roos, A., Sagemark, J., Schueler, H., Schutz, P., Siponen, M.I., Svensson, L., Thorsell, A.G., Tresaugues, L., Van der Berg, S., Weigelt, J., Welin, M., Wisniewska, M.
Structure factors resolution 2.7 rfactor 0.19431 rfree 0.26018
DPI 1.11 theoretical min: 0.44

Biomolecule Structure Assembly Serial Assembly Type Conformational State Chains Ligands Atoms
3HNG/0 3HNG 0 monomer 0 1 2 2167