PDB 2ICW deposited: 2006-09-13 modified: 2009-02-24
Title Crystal structure of a complete ternary complex between TCR, superantigen, and peptide-MHC class II molecule
Authors Guo, Y., Jones, L.L., Kranz, D.M., Li, H., Li, Z., Mourad, W., Wang, L., Zhao, Y.
Structure factors resolution 2.41 rfactor 0.242 rfree 0.288
DPI 0.52 theoretical min: 0.37

'Superantigens' (SAgs) trigger the massive activation of T cells by simultaneous interactions with MHC and TCR receptors, leading to human diseases. Here we present the first crystal structure, at 2.5-A resolution, of a complete ternary complex between a SAg and its two receptors, HLA-DR1/HA and TCR. The most striking finding is that the SAg Mycoplasma arthritidis mitogen, unlike others, has direct contacts not only with TCR Vbeta but with TCR Valpha.

Nat.Struct.Mol.Biol. 2007 Feb; 14(2):169-171 doi:10.1038/nsmb1193

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PubMed 17220897
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2ICW/1 2ICW 1 hexamer 0 6 0 6297
2ICW/2 2ICW 2 hexamer 0 6 0 6347