All available data exports from the latest version can be seen and downloaded from our file server. Additional files can be added upon request if you are interested in data sets not listed here. The files listed below are always exported from the latest version of the CREDO database but older files from previous versions can also be downloaded from here. Requests for data exports not listed here are welcome. Due to licensing reasons however, data in CREDO can only be released in the public domain and therefore all exported data sets will only be listed here.

Kinase data set

This data set consists of all the PDB entries that contain kinases from the UniProt Human and mouse protein kinases: classification and index collection that can be downloaded from here.

File Description
protein-ligand-contacts-kinase-set.csv.gz All structural interaction fingerprints of the ligands that interact with a kinase chain in the data set. The first column is always the atom of the ligand, the second is the interacting atom that can be any (protein, solvent, other ligand, etc.) proximal atom of the PDB chain.
chemcomps-kinase-set.csv.gz All unique chemical components and their properties that are in contact with protein kinases.
res-map-kinase-set.gz Mapping between PDB and UniProt residues for all PDB chains in the kinase data set.